Anti-Fragility Health is a new type of health clinic that focuses on preventive care. We specialize in providing individualized care with functional and personalized medicine. Our world-class doctors and nurses will care for you with the most advanced medical technology, included genetic tests, disease (cancer, diabetes, etc) screenings, and activity tracking.

We have partnered with world class diagnostic laboratories that provide in-depth data with regards to genetic sequencing, microbiome, blood panels, saliva and urine analysis.

Through this we gain a better understanding of your overall body’s health with our level 1 – 70+ biomarkers.

Once we’ve identified your overall body’s health through biomarkers,
we can focus on addressing the underlying causes (red and yellow biomarkers) by providing intervention on a cellular level through functional, lifestyle, and traditional medicine.

Using our My Biomarker portal,

you will be able to update progress you have made between visits on your diet, exercise, stress management, and medication adherence.

Our team will be able to review the data and suggest any changes to your Personalized Lifestyle Schedule.

Team up with one of our Lifestyle Coaches as you partake in our Transformational Coaching.

Learn to identify unhealthy habits, remove lifestyle obstacles, create plan, and reach your goals with your personal motivator, educator, & partner.

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Anti-Fragility Health

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