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About Our Practice


Anti-Fragility Health is certified for functional and personalized medicine which is the basis for our intervention protocols for all chronic disease. We are dedicated to the prevention and early detection of diseases using the most advanced medical technologies. Our clinic provides comprehensive health screenings and consultation for individuals striving to optimize their health. Our medical providers will tailor a high quality personalized integrative care to achieve your optimal health goals. In conjunction with purpose-driven and cutting-edge labs and devices, our clinic will also gladly assist you for aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatments. Anti-Fragility Health is going to improve your health, expand your freedom.



    Who We Are



    Anti-Fragility Health is a new type of health clinic that focuses on preventive care. We specialize in providing individualized care with functional and personalized medicine. Our world-class doctors and nurses will care for you with the most advanced medical technology, included genetic tests, disease (cancer, diabetes, etc) screenings, and activity tracking.



Our Philosophy




It is about you – not the disease/disorder. Your genes, environment, lifestyle, and health history will provide our team the baseline for diagnosing and personalizing your treatment plan, including an intelligent lifestyle plan based on your goals and ability.



While genetics play a small roll, research confirms that the most chronic illnesses come from lifestyle and their environmental impacts. A proactive lifestyle can address both.



You are your best advocate. Our transformational coaching and educational workshops will empower you with the knowledge and maturity to help you take acton and achieve your health goals.



Anti-Fragility is a set of capabilities that will increase your response, resilience, and recovery towards environmental stress and cellular diseases. It can provides you with the ability to respond to genetic vulnerabilities and cellular disorders, and become stronger.

Integrating Functional & Lifestyle Medicine

Integrating Functional & Lifestyle Medicine


    Our Science



    We have partnered with world-class laboratories to provide the best-in-class new technology in the health care field:

    • Whole Genome Sequencing
    • Functional Laboratory Tests
    • Next-generation health care equipment for monitoring health, tracking fitness and measuring body composition

    Our software and technology allow for best methods of collecting, analyzing, and reporting your personal data. Your biomarker data can be seen in real time and reported to provide the most accurate information.





    We offer the best in personalized and precision health metrics to provide:

    • Early detection
    • Prevention
    • Treatment management

    Our interactive software and technology promotes learning about your current state of health and how your body is changing over time.

    Our Intelligent Lifestyle Designers will guide you through your journey to a more health and goal-based lifestyle. You will be transformed to act upon your goals and dreams, while maintaining your health.

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