Laboratory Tests


Prevent Chronic Illnesses

Discover the underlying reasons for diseases. Take action to prevent them.



We personalize functional laboratory test plans based on your current and past health, lifestyle, and goals. We have partnered with a wide range of laboratory and diagnostic companies to provide our customers a complete and comprehensive set of tests. These set of tests will let us know if you are truly healthy.


1.  Personalized
Personalized plan based on you and your goals

Identify risk factors predictive of chronic illness

Empowerment to take charge of your own health

Become stronger from every challenge you face


We evaluate your current health by testing your biomarkers for imbalances. Using your biomarkers, we personalize your nutrition and exercise needs. Tests will also identify levels of inflammation and their sources. These biomarkers will also allow us to see the amount of heavy metals in your body and evaluate your body's ability to flush them out.

Your microbiome are the trillions of microorganisms (bacteria) in your gut and on your skin. Your microbiome plays a big part in keeping you healthy.The presence of specific microorganisms in your microbiome can signal certain diseases and illnesses in the future. We use this information to prevent the diseases.


These tests uncover which foods are causing your body inflammation and disease. This allows our team to develop a personalized nutritional plan. The new eating plan will improve your state of health and energy levels.

Understand your risks for disease and ailments. Plan for your family's future with learning about which hereditary diseases you may carry. Identify how your genetic makeup influences your body's response to certain medications. Understand your body from within to live longer, healthier, and better lives.

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