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Acne can be embarrassing, irritating, painful, and frustrating at any age. If topical creams and gels no longer seem to work for you, or cause your skin to dry out and flake, then it’s time to turn to the professionals at Anti-Fragility Health Clinic in Anaheim, California, for help. Anti-Fragility Health Clinic offers several state-of-the-art services to treat acne and acne scarring, including RF Microneedling and LightStim®. Call or book an appointment online and make acne a thing of the past.


Anti-Fragility Health Clinic

What causes acne?

Your oil glands naturally produce oil to lubricate your skin and hair. However, if your gland produces too much oil (sebum), it clogs the pore. This allows bacteria, which is naturally found on the skin, to grow. The excess bacteria forms clumps, or pustules, on the skin’s surface -- what we call acne. Acne affects everyone of all ages, races, and skin types.

What is LightStim and how does it treat acne?

LightStim is an FDA-cleared technology that uses patented LED light therapy to heal and calm acne breakouts and destroy the bacteria that causes acne. It also restores your skin’s appearance to look clear and healthy, and has no negative side effects. LightStim works on teenagers and adults, and treats mild to moderate acne.

During a LightStim treatment, your face is placed close to a light source that emits both blue and red light. You will feel a soothing, gentle warmth. The blue light destroys the bacteria that causes acne, and the red light increases blood circulation. This combination helps to clear an existing acne breakout and prevents future breakouts.

Your LightStim session will last between 20-30 minutes, during which you will feel no pain or discomfort. You can return to your typical daily activities immediately afterward. Most patients require weekly treatments for several weeks to achieve optimal results, which can last for several months.

What is RF Microneedling?

RF Microneedling combines standard microneedling with the added benefit of radiofrequency (RF) heat. During microneedling, many tiny needles penetrate the top skin layer, stimulating the production of new collagen. In addition, pulses of radio frequency emitted heat travel down the needles and go deep into the lower layer of skin, stimulating collagen production at an even deeper level.

RF Microneedling is fast and painless, and results in firmer, smoother skin, while also eliminating acne and filling in acne scars. It works on all skin types and skin colors. Anti-Fragility Health Clinic uses the newest, most precise technology on the market, called the Intensif, which uses 3Deep RF technology for faster, smoother treatments.

If you are ready to get rid of frustrating acne flare-ups, talk to the caring, experienced professionals at Anti-Fragility Health Clinic in Anaheim, California, and find out if LightStim or RF Microneedling might work for you. Call or schedule a consultation online today and find out how soon you can start enjoying clearer skin.