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Anti-Fragility Health Clinic

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Do you have concerns that you may not be getting all the nutrients your body needs to function properly? The health care team at Anti-Fragility Health Clinic in Anaheim, California, use advanced medical technology to identify your body’s biohealth markers and develop a lifestyle plan that includes supplements to restore health at the cellular level. To learn more, call today or schedule an appointment using the online booking agent.


Anti-Fragility Health Clinic

What type of testing do I need to assess my health?

To assess your health, the team at Anti-Fragility Health Clinic conduct a thorough examination, which includes advanced diagnostic testing that provides information to help target your individualized health needs.

Testing includes:

  • Genetic sequencing
  • Microbiome
  • Blood panel
  • Urinalysis
  • Saliva

The team uses the information gathered from these tests to identify your specific health needs at the cellular level using over 70 different biomarkers, which are substances in your body that identify health risks and disease.

In addition to assisting with the development of your supplement plan, the team uses the information gathered from these tests to create a personalized lifestyle plan to optimize your health.

How do I know what type of supplements I need?

The team at Anti-Fragility Health Clinic uses the data collected from your testing, as well as the information gathered from you about your lifestyle and health concerns, to design your supplement treatment plan. The office offers supplements designed specifically for women and men of all ages.

For women

Whether you have concerns about the adequacy of your diet or need an energy boost, the team at Anti-Fragility Health Clinic can help. The clinic has a wide variety of supplements at their disposal, from multivitamins designed to meet your nutritional needs to anti-aging supplements to restore health and vitality.

For men

In addition to multivitamins and protein powders specific for men, the office also provides supplements to help improve heart and prostate health.

Can supplements help if I have a medical condition?

If you have a medical condition or health concern, the team at Anti-Fragility Health Clinic can design a supplement plan to improve health based on your diagnostic data. The supplements available can support heart, gut, and immune health, help lower your cholesterol or improve blood sugar. The team can also make recommendations for supplements to help improve joint pain and inflammation.

The office also offers specialized supplements to assist with weight loss or weight gain, including nutritional bars and powders.

For individualized care that focuses on prevention by combining advanced medical technology with breakthrough natural interventions, call Anti-Fragility Health Clinic today or book an appointment online.